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MonitorIndia : For the Indian Army to be an effective fighting machine, the mental health of its soldiers must be a priority. Mere lip service to the glory of the Army will do little to make things easier for soldiers whose task is unenviable even in the best of times
Published by Hindustan Times on Aug 13, 2017 20:23 IST Read More 
fratricides   Indian Army   stress-related deaths   suicides
MonitorIndia : Security - Enforcement agencies require additional powers to deal with these new formats of crime, which are deadlier in their impact and more expansive in their reach
Published by Hindustan Times on Aug 16, 2017 17:46 IST Read More 
Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act   MCOCA   Organised Crime
MonitorIndia : Security - The defence secretary recently announced that Defence Cyber and Space Agencies and Special Operations Division will soon become a reality.
Published by on Tuesday, August 1st 2017 Read More 
Indian Military   National Security
MonitorIndia : Security - When push comes to shove, New Delhi has a reputation of always blinking first. No matter what the provocation—terror strikes or blatant attempts to erode India’s territorial integrity— the world, and more importantly, our neighbours, believe India would huff and puff, perhaps indulge in some sabre-rattling, and then offer an olive branch. Again and again.
Published by Indian Express on 31st July 2017 03:14 AM Read More 
China   ill-equipped—military   Pakistan
  Updates as on Jul 24 2017
  Why India needs to be aggressive against China in Doklam standoff  
MonitorIndia : Security - India must take a firm stand against China in the current Doklam standoff to demonstrate its commitment to Bhutan
Published by Live Mint on Tue, Jul 25 2017. 06 57 AM IST Read More 
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Posted by : Alok Gusain

Technology Integration under the New National Health Policy

Recognizing the integral role of technology in the healthcare delivery, the National Health Policy 2017 declared recently by the Narendra Modi Governm...

Posted by : Alok Gusain

Monitor India? Why?

India is an emerging power hosting about 1.25 billion people. Its growth-path will have an impact not just on its own citizens, but the whole world. T...

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