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G20 members join forces with India's central bank on cryptocurrency risks! Working towards a global regulatory framework to address challenges and ensure a secure crypto landscape. Embracing innovation while safeguarding financial systems.
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Cryptocurrency   Nirmala Sitharaman   Regulation   G20
Incredible response to PM's proposal! The African Union's potential inclusion as a permanent member of G-20 receives overwhelming support. A significant step towards global inclusivity and cooperation.
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Exciting prospects for US-India ties! President Biden's science adviser advocates AI collaboration with India, fostering innovation and progress together
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Global Partnership   Innovation   Joe Biden   Narendra Modi   US India Ties   AI
Exciting prospects for G20 Summit! Russia's President Vladimir Putin responds positively to attend G20 Delhi in September. Anticipation builds for meaningful discussions and global cooperation.
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India Russia Relations   Russia   Vladimir Putin   G20 Summit
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