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  Five takeaways from Census religion data
MonitorIndia : For the Indian Army to be an effective fighting machine, the mental health of its soldiers must be a priority. Mere lip service to the glory of the Army will do little to make things easier for soldiers whose task is unenviable even in the best of times
Published by Hindustan Times on Aug 13, 2017 20:23 IST Read More 
fratricides   Indian Army   stress-related deaths   suicides
MonitorIndia : Security - Enforcement agencies require additional powers to deal with these new formats of crime, which are deadlier in their impact and more expansive in their reach
Published by Hindustan Times on Aug 16, 2017 17:46 IST Read More 
Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act   MCOCA   Organised Crime
MonitorIndia : Governance - The proposed wage code Bill, which incorporates a universal minimum wage, will lead to higher unemployment and informalization of the economy
Published by Live Mint on Thu, Aug 17 2017. 05 27 AM IST Read More 
MonitorIndia : Social sectors - Deaths of Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) patients at Gorakhpur’s Baba Raghav Das Medical College, which serves as the only referral hospital for most people in a region racked by the infection, have been between 15% and 29% of all cases over a span of eight years.Data from 2007 till 2014 shows that the case fatality rate has been an average of 21% over eight years, which is not considered alarming for the area. Caused by the Japanese encephalitis virus, scrub typhus or other bacterial, viral or fungal infections, the number of cases of AES has been high for many years now.
Published by The Hindu on AUGUST 17, 2017 00:59 IST Read More 
AES fatality   BRD Hospital
  Updates as on Aug 16 2017
  Modi keeps his word: Turns up heat on benami properties  
MonitorIndia : Governance - When prime minister Narendra Modi spoke about action against benami properties while delivering the I-Day address from the Red Fort ramparts, he was in fact fulfilling a promise he made during the last Mann ki Baat of 2016.In such a short time, the government has confiscated benami properties worth over Rs 800 crore.
Published by Monitor India on August 16, 2017 Read More 
Benami Properties   Corruption   Narendra Modi
  National Green Tribunal cracks whip on major waste generators, slaps hefty fines  
MonitorIndia : Environment - The National Green Tribunal today cracked the whip on major waste generators in the city, including 5-star hotels and banquet halls, slapping fines of as high as Rs 7 lakh each on some of them for not complying with the solid waste management rules.
Published by Economic Times on Aug 16, 2017, 08.09 PM IST Read More 
National Green Tribunal   solid waste management   Taj palace   waste generators

Zorba Entertainment
  In 2015, 2 children below age 5 died every minute in India  
MonitorIndia : Social sectors - Nearly 1.08 million Indian children under the age of five years died in 2015–that’s 2,959 deaths every day or two each minute–many of them of causes that were preventable and treatable.India’s under-five mortality rate (U5MR)–the probability that a child born in a specific year will die before reaching the age of five–was reported to be 43 deaths per 1,000 live births in 2015 in the Sample Registration System Statistical Report 2015, the latest available data.
Published by Hindustan Times on Aug 16, 2017 13:55 IST Read More 
Assam   Madhya Pradesh   Neonatal Causes   U5MR
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