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MonitorIndia : Political - Mayawati needs to win back non-Jatav voters to revive her party’s fortunes in Uttar Pradesh
Published by Live Mint on Sat, Jul 29 2017. 01 49 AM IST Read More 
MonitorIndia : Political - The BJP wasted no time on Wednesday to come to the support of Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar, who resigned from the post citing certain ‘circumstances’ that prevailed in Bihar.“We are not in favour of mid-term elections,” Union minister JP Nadda had said after BJP’s parliamentary board meeting. “The BJP is committed to politics of development and stability. We welcome the fight against corruption in Bihar.”
Published by Hindustan Times on Jul 27, 2017 10:15 IST Read More 
BJP   JDU   Nitish Kumar   Sushil Kumar Modi
MonitorIndia : Political -The NDA's candidate for President, Ram Nath Kovind, will become India's 14th President, having obtained 65.65 percent of votes from the electoral college. His opponent, the joint Opposition candidate Meira Kumar, lags far behind with a mere 34.35 percent.Kovind got the votes of 522 Members of Parliament while Kumar bagged the votes of 225 MPs. As many 771 elected MPs were eligible to cast their ballot.
Published by Times of India on Jul 20, 2017, 08:27 PM IST Read More 
Amit Shah   Meira Kumar   Narendra Modi   NDA   Ram Nath Kovind
MonitorIndia : Political - The multiple fronts at which Madhur Bhandarkar is being attacked is a good pointer as to why seldom Indian filmmakers, especially mainstream filmmakers, venture into making biographies or historical drama in a serious manner
Published by Hindustan Times on Jul 17, 2017 21:17 IST Read More 
Central Board of Film Certification   Indira Gandhi   Indu Sarkar controversy

Madhur Bhandarkar
  Updates as on Jul 11 2017  
MonitorIndia : Political - As many as 11 incidents of communal flare-ups in 10 months do not cover any administrator in glory, and if it happens to be in West Bengal, a state which has been relatively free of communal clashes in the past few decades, the questions become all the more important.
Published by Hindustan Times on Jul 11, 2017 12:53 IST Read More 
Bengal violence   Communal Tension   Mamata Banerjee   West Bengal
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Posted by : Alok Gusain

Technology Integration under the New National Health Policy

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Posted by : Alok Gusain

Monitor India? Why?

India is an emerging power hosting about 1.25 billion people. Its growth-path will have an impact not just on its own citizens, but the whole world. T...

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